Paintings, prints and illustrations...

Your pets - and other animals - created with oil paints, watercolors, micron pens and love.

Kathy Osborne is a mother of 2 (human) girls, dog enthusiast, and sushi lover. Her love for dogs began as a child with her first dog - Pickle, a miniature schnauzer - who lived with her from 3rd grade into college... where she studied and earned a Bachelors in Fine Art. During her college days she started volunteering with Animal Advocates of Howard County and saw the perfect opportunity to combine her love for dogs and passion for art to help raise money for the group. In addition, she donates a custom painting to the winner of the annual Walk for Paws. So make sure to get involved and raise some money for this life-saving group!

After many years of toying with the idea, she recently decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop to start selling her work.  10% of profits from custom work will be donated to Animal Advocates of HoCo.

She has adopted 4 dogs since college. Meeko and Cosmic lived to the ripe age of 16 and 15.5 years old. She currently is a mom to Maggie (a 9 year old black lab) and Missy (aka Biscuit, a 1 year old dobie-ish mutt). Funny enough she didn't name the dogs, but sometimes wonders if she subconsciously likes to adopt dogs with M names... 😉   Kathy also runs a successful freelance web and print design studio.